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A-Board Advertising Service

CanvasPrinter.Com aim to bring quality bespoke pavement advertising direct to the retailer!!

A quality poster A-Board outside a shop, restaurant, pub, café or any business or retail outlet with a doorway onto the street, has an immediate visual impact on passing trade.

£ for £ a Poster A-Board can be regarded as very cost effective advertising. We offer all the standard sizes & styles of Poster A-Boards, complete with a bespoke, professional design & artwork service thrown in!

We aim to demystify the Design, Artwork & Printing process which can baffle and confuse many retailers, to say nothing of the time and worry of finding these unusual resources locally.

A well designed poster can inform the viewer of offers, phone numbers and web address.

Here at CanvasPrinter.Com we print on 180gsm Matt Paper for Posters, using U.V. Pigmented Inks as standard in our A-Boards.

All of your posters come fully laminated to ensure they are 100% weather proof.

We can print from your existing design, providing it is supplied to us in a high quality file format, we except PDFs, Tiffs, JPGs, and many other file formats, just give us a call and we'd be happy to help.